Teeezy is looking for a part-time business partner!


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Teeezy is looking for a part-time business partner!

You always wanted to be your own boss, but you don't have a project of your own? You have a day job that can cover your daily expenses and you want to work on a side project that may someday get bigger? You know how to market a product with SEO, email sequences, Facebook Ads and every other online marketing techniques? You love your bike and the bicycle industry in general?

If you've answered yes to most of the questions above, then…

Teeezy needs you, let's grow this business together! 

The partner I need must have excellent online marketing skills; engaging spoken and written english; knowledge and affection for the bicycle industry, it's medias and influencers; he/she must have interest in growing an online community, knowledge of SEO, link building, Facebook and Google advertising, Youtubing, email marketing, social medias, etc. Whatever it takes to reach a broader audience online.

This person must be a good team worker, capable of listening and taking the ideas of others. Willing to put the time and efforts in a project that doesn't pay on the short run, but can grow bigger over time.

This can be a part-time project (it is for me), the more we put into it, the more it can grow and the more it will pay on the long run. Proven, real-world results are mandatory.

Are you that person? If so, then fill out this form, let's get in touch and share as much details as possible so I can clearly see if there's a match. 

Who will you be partnering with?

I'm Patrice Audet. 45 years old, two kids. Native of French-speaking Quebec. Everything you see around Teeezy was made by my own self : website, t-shirt illustrations, photo shoots, promotional movies, advertisements, Facebook and Instagram accounts, whatever... I'm a former computer technician and now I work full-time at a bike shop, which leaves me happy to be on a computer on my free time, growing the project. I'm putting 15-25 hours a week in this side project. I'm now at a point where I realize I can't do everything all by myself and I need someone who will be as passionate as I am so that our 2 heads will be much better then my own alone.

Patrice Audet - Owner Teeezy Bicycle T-Shirts

Are you ready to have a good ride? Fill out this form and let's have a chat about this opportunity to grow something together!

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