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Help needed with my english texts

Hello nice group! Anybody here would like to help me with my english texts on my web site? I'm native of french and I would like to have outstanding texts on my site (, better than what I can acheive by myself with my less than perfect english. I have no money to offer, only a lot of fun for someone who like to write about bikes. I may throw in a free bike t-shirt if the work is good. PM me if you're interested.

 What it is

It's a passion brand, and it must show in the writing (use words like "bold", "best", "passionate", "intense", etc). I'm targeting mostly men, 25-45 years old, US and Canada. Passionates of their bike(s).

The work

At first, I'd need an improvement on the existing home page and FAQ section. If it goes well, a nice "About" page will be needed. And after that, I'd redo each collection pages and product pages.

What I can offer

I have no money to offer at this point. Only a lot of fun for someone who like writing about bikes. I can throw in a free T-Shirt or two, or provide official credits with external link to your site.

* Samples of your writings will be required.

** I prefer a long term relation to a one nighter