Bicycle t-shirts maker to acquire bike accessories store

A good news for bicycle lovers worldwide!

Quebec, July 15, 2020 - Quebec-based bicycle t-shirt maker ( today announced it's acquisition of the bike parts store ( The transaction was made to bring together the long term visions of both stores together and make things exciting again with their respective crowd of bicycle lovers!

"We're excited about this purchase" said Mr. Patrice Audet, now the sole owner of the two online bicycle stores. "We're going to use both brands separately in the short term, but as things evolve we might want to take what's best in each brand and bring it to the other one", added Mr. Audet. "We will see how things evolve, but there are certainly cross-selling opportunities for both stores as they are both talking to bicycle lovers and they certainly are a dedicated community!" commented Mr. Audet.

"Both stores are based on the same e-commerce platform, so there's no learning curve to get things up and running before the end of this cycling season and we will be ready in time for the holiday rush", said Mr. Audet.

Teeezy is an online store that sells original, bicycle-inspired t-shirts that are designed in Quebec, printed in the USA and sold throughout the World on

Bicycle t-shirts by

Rearvizo is an online store that sells original bicycle accessories that will make any ride much safer. Their flagship product is a wearable bicycle mirror. It can be purchased on

Bicycle mirror from


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