The Story behind the Teeezy Bicycle T-shirts Store

Teeezy store owner Patrice Audet with bicycle t-shirt

Bicycle T-Shirts and the lack of good designs

Note : Check this blog post if you want to read a more detailed history and what led to the creation of the Teeezy bicycle store.

Before I started the Teeezy store back in 2018, I was looking for something different regarding bicycle t-shirts. I'm a big bicycle fan and I browsed pages after pages of Google image search results and found nothing that was great enough for me to make a purchase commitment. Every t-shirt design that I saw was lacking something : cheap bicycle logos, uninspired slogans, cheap white cotton t-shirts, repetitive designs from site to site, etc. There was clearly some room for improvements for a bike lover looking for great bicycle t-shirts!

My background in bicycle and illustration

I've been a bicycle fan for longer than I can remember, but even before riding a bicycle, I was drawing. For fun first, as a kid, and eventually professionally, as I've been a freelance illustrator for more than 10 years. I knew quite a bit on both fronts and during my career, I always tried to have some implication in either drawing and illustration, bicycles or e-commerce. Combining these 3 passions gave birth to the Teeezy store, a business that I could work on, during my spare time and from anywhere I got an Internet connection. In this store, you will find bicycle t-shirts designs that are sometimes funny, sometimes darker or just a little geeky : I'm trying to offer bicycle t-shirts that I'd like to wear myself and I truly hope you like them too! 

What kind of t-shirts are you going to find here?

The Teeezy store offers unique, cranky bicycle t-shirts for anyone. There will be no reason you can't look as good off the saddle than you are when riding. You're looking for a mountain bike t-shirt? We got it. Gravel bike t-shirt? Got it too. Maybe you're more into bicycle touring? Yes, we have that. Fatbiking in the coldest months of winter, yes, we got fatbike t-shirts too. 

bike bicycle tee t-shirt teeezy

Is this the future of bicycle t-shirts?

No. Clearly not. What you're looking at today is the state of our collection as it is in the present. We're adding and removing t-shirts designs from time to time. For future designs, we'll try to stay funny and fresh and always get the bicycle spirit rollin'! If you want to stay informed about our latest designs, please subscribe to our newsletter (link below) or become a fan of our Facebook page, Pinterest or Instagram account. You can also submit new design ideas through our contact page. Get you're own bicycle-inspired t-shirt and spread the bicycle love even when you're not riding!

teeezy logo over fatbike t-shirt  

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