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Teeezy - Casual Bicycle T-Shirts

You are a cyclist. But what happens when you're not on your bike? You're not the kind of person who will simply wear an ordinary t-shirt. No, you're a cyclist. And cyclists wants to show their bicycle pride even when they are not riding! 

At Teeezy, we know exactly what you need. We're designing exclusive, high quality t-shirts for all kind of bike lovers : roadies, mountain bikers, bike tourers, fat bikers, gravel riders. We want to be your one-stop shop for the off-bike days. It's that'Teeezy!

Who's behind Teeezy?

Patrice Audet is an all-weather cyclist from Quebec City, Canada. He's riding a road bike in the summer for commuting and bike touring. In the winter, Patrice keeps his bicycle legs with a fatbike. During the day, Patrice is a bike sales advisor at Sport Olympe in Quebec city where he meets cycling fans from the local area. In his spare time, he runs the Teeezy Bicycle T-Shirts store, thanks to his past experience in computer science and as a freelance illustrator. He hopes of someday being able to run his virtual business from his bicycle, as a digital, bike-touring nomad.

Winter biking is great!

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