How do you write a blog when you think you have nothing to say?

So, they say you should start writing a blog. Fine. But where do you start when you think you have nothing to say? Well, I'm in those shoes, so I can understand! For the short story, I'm native of French, and English is not my native language. For personal and professional reasons, I want to improve my written English, so I want to write more, and more often. (I hope it won't be so bad that you'll keep on reading!) So here I am, writing a blog. Let's see where it can take Us!

Patrice Audet - Bicycle T-Shirts store owner and newbie blog writer

From bicycle fan to bicycle store owner (with a complicated story between the two!)

I've been riding bikes since I can remember. First as a kid, with clunky hardtails and now, on a gravel bike in the summer and a fat bike when snow hits our part of the northern hemisphere. I don't really think I have an "off" season, as I ride year-round. I've studied computer science and worked with computers a good part of my life. I also tried my hands as a freelance illustrator for more than 10 years. Combining my passions for computers, illustrations, and the bicycle was the foundation for launching my bicycle t-shirts store. You can see how it goes at Throughout my store, you will clearly notice my influences from these 3 wonderful parts of my personality. But what about the original question, what do you write when you think you have nothing to say?

Writing for a blog: finding your own voice

What to write when you don't know what to say? Well, I don't really know! The only thing I know is that I want to get better at this. So writing more, and writing more often is my objective. On what content will I be working? I don't know. I guess this is the point of having a blog: you have to find interesting content to make it interesting! So here are a few ideas that I can think about :

First, let's make something clear. My target audience (that's you), are cyclists. So my blog will certainly be bike-related. But although I'm working in a bike shop (someone needs to pay the bills...), I'm not really interested in showing myself as an 'expert' in cycling, someone that will teach you how to adjust your suspensions air pressure or which tires are best for your new gravel bike. No, I already do that at my job, I will not also do that in the short hours I have to work on my store. There are plenty of resources for this (Bicycling Magazine, Mountain Bike Action,, etc.). These guys and many more are the real experts in everything bike-related. So go, check them out and come back for what myself only can provide that is unique and maybe worth reading.

Bicycle T-shirts and being an entrepreneur

I think that the most unique content I can produce is about my own life as a part-time entrepreneur, bicycle t-shirt designer and everything that is needed to connect my bike t-shirt designs to the happy customer on the other side of the Internet. For the record, I've been working on this project since October 2018, starting from nothing: no website, no designs, no Facebook fans, no blog. Nothing. I'm quite proud of where I am today, even if I'm still a million things to do away from having a real business!

Let's wrap it out for today. It's quite substantial for a first post, I didn't even think I would write that long. As you can see, inspiration comes when you sit and go for it! Let me know in the comments below if there's something you'd like me to write about in an upcoming article. Of course, I will try to create new designs, which is also good content, but I'm more limited with my product descriptions than what I can write in these blog articles. I'll try to balance my writing efforts between my products and this blog, so stay tuned! 

Until next time, please feel free to browse my t-shirts designs and if you like what I do, help me spread the word around. I'm sure you have, near you,  a bicycle lover that would love to look as good off the bike than he is on the saddle. And if you don't love what I'm doing, then tell me in the comments, or maybe propose a new design that you'd be happy to purchase? Let's do this together!

Have a nice ride.



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