Camper's Helper - an app to know!


I'm writing this post to share with you an app that my friend Gerard has been developping for quite some time now. As far as I can remember, we was developping this nice little app called Camper's HelperA Swiss-knife app for all your camping needs. And more!

Let me tell you that if you like to camp, this very simple app is what you need! It's well built with some usefull features such as finding a campground near you or far away or identifying where you can fill you propane tanks when you've reached your destination. 

The app is built around the familiar Google maps interface and will cleanely display everything you need to make your camping experience enjoyable. Really, you can't go wrong with it!

At first, the app was developed with the heavier types of RV campers in mind, with suggestions for refilling the propane tanks to the nearest dump station, but with all the data that's been incorporated into the app (more than 55000 at time of writing), cyclists and bike touring folks will certainly find something for them too. It's definitely an app I would recommand to anyone planning a camping trip this summer. 

The Camper's Helper app is available for both the iPhone or Android phones and covers Canada, Mexico and the US. Check it out from the developper's website at

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