Achieving success is like riding a bicycle

One of my hardest bike ride
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One of the biggest reasons that I love running my own online business is that it gives me so much opportunity to develop myself ! Each and every day I set about learning new skills and challenging old limiting beliefs about what I can and can't do!  I must say that the success that I have created for myself so far in life is certainly fun and exciting and it allows me to do things that others only dream about, however I always feel that I can develop and improve more as I continue to grow older and wiser. My wants and needs in life are changing and success now has a different meaning to me than it did - say five or ten years ago.

So what is success to you?

Is it earning enough money each and every month to pay your taxes and your bank for any credit cards you have? Is it raising a happy family and living happily ever after in your home sweet home? Maybe it is being the CEO of a major international companying (or an online bicycle t-short store!). Whatever success is to you, one thing should be well understood : you can achieve and reach your success with a little planning.

As a child, I remember taking my bike out of the back garden and deciding that I wanted to go on a bike ride. I pedaled around for hours wondering which route to take out of town. Before I knew what was happening the sun was setting and it was time to get myself home for dinner. As a young adult I decided on another bike ride, however this time I decided to do a little research and go for an entirely different ride : crossing the Laurentian park on my hardtail mountain bike. 350 kilometers of hard trails, forest roads and single tracks in 3 days. That was the hardest thing I did in my entire life, but what an achievement ! This bike ride will stay in my memories for the rest of my life ! Not bad for a young adult, just begining to take it's bike riding more seriously. That still lives with me to this day !

Just imagine what you could achieve if only you set your mind to it and did a little bit of planning! That's exactly the state of mind I have with ! And you, what are your goals now?

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patrice-audet-bikePatrice Audet as ridden bicycles his entire life : mountain, roads, fatbikes, commuters, gravel bikes... He's now working at a local bike shop in Quebec City, Canada and runs a bicycle themed t-shirts store on the Internet. You can browse his t-shirt models at Have a nice ride!

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